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NonFarm Payroll Tomorrow – IBFX Poses Estimates

26 November 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

NonFarm Payroll (NFP) has almost always been a big candle mover. IBFX emails the estimates on loss of 50 – 60K of payroll jobs. Although April marked the fourth consecutive month of nonfarm payroll decline in the U.S., the 20,000 loss was a far cry better than the 75,000 economists were bracing for. Following declines

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Tesla shares are 275% high in 2020: understand why and how to invest

13 November 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

Synonymous with disruption and innovation, Tesla is one of the most prominent companies in recent months in the international financial market.  In 2020 alone, Tesla’s shares accumulated a 275% increase, which transformed the US automaker, which focuses its efforts on electric cars and renewable energy, into the most valuable automotive brand on the planet. The

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It’s the Time to Rumble Again For Nonfarm Payroll!

13 November 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

Uh uh, it’s 9 hours from now before the next Nonfarm Payroll figures are release for the US, which means its another royal rumble again. If you’re new to NFP, this is a short introduction from IBFX. What is the non-farm payroll report? Of all the world monthly economic reports, the monthly US NFP report

How to become a better trader in the financial markets?

13 November 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

If, in general, trading is a very lucrative activity for investment banks and financial institutions, reality shows that more than 80% of traders and brokers have difficulty in achieving good results and losing money. on the stock exchange. These losses are often caused by traders’ inability to make maximum profit from their transactions and to

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Trading Software: How to Recognize

1 October 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

Trading software is a widely used tool for traders. Also because the offer is very high, so you may be spoilt for choice, regardless of price ranges (which are the most varied). Finding a good trading software, however, is not at all easy, since the issue concerns not only purely strategic but also technical evaluations.

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The automatic forex trading software

8 September 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

At least once in our experience as a trader or investor, we thought of using programs, trading software that would do our difficult job, regardless of any kind of emotion or tiredness. But is all this really possible? Is it possible to trust the countless trading software that we put on the market? Can they

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How to invest in ETFs?

16 July 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

In the stock markets, many investors choose to invest their money in ETFs. These financial investments have seen an increase in their success since 2008. They now account for around 33% of stocks managed in the US and 20% in Europe. In view of advances in technology and communication, this trend is set to increase

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ETF: explanation and advice for an investment

4 March 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

By investing in an ETF, you benefit from diversified investment at a lower cost. ETFs are preferred investments in 2020 within your life insurance. Run an ETF investment simulation. Still little known to the general public, ETFs (for Exchange-Traded Fund) or listed index funds, also called trackers, hide under a complicated name a simple and