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How to invest in ETFs?

16 July 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

In the stock markets, many investors choose to invest their money in ETFs. These financial investments have seen an increase in their success since 2008. They now account for around 33% of stocks managed in the US and 20% in Europe. In view of advances in technology and communication, this trend is set to increase

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ETF: explanation and advice for an investment

4 March 2020 Arthur Stevens 0

By investing in an ETF, you benefit from diversified investment at a lower cost. ETFs are preferred investments in 2020 within your life insurance. Run an ETF investment simulation. Still little known to the general public, ETFs (for Exchange-Traded Fund) or listed index funds, also called trackers, hide under a complicated name a simple and

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Main reasons to invest in ETFs

10 December 2019 Arthur Stevens 0

ETFs or trackers are increasingly used by the individual investor who has invested heavily in index management in recent years thanks to these financial instruments with many advantages. Here are 6 good reasons to invest with ETFs The ease of use of ETFs Trackers, which, like stocks, trade continuously from 9:00 a.m. to 5:25 p.m.,