Main reasons to invest in ETFs

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ETFs or trackers are increasingly used by the individual investor who has invested heavily in index management in recent years thanks to these financial instruments with many advantages. Here are 6 good reasons to invest with ETFs

The ease of use of ETFs

Trackers, which, like stocks, trade continuously from 9:00 a.m. to 5:25 p.m., are negotiable at any time during the trading session.

ETFs have low administration fees of 0.33% per annum on average, do not incur entry fees and, since the arrival of online brokers, have benefited from increasingly low transaction costs. order of a few euros among these new online investment players.

ETF liquidity

ETFs are traded daily, which means you can buy them and then sell them the next day. However, be careful, it is advisable to tailor the investment period so that the tracker has time to deliver its full risk-return potential.

ETFs allow you to invest in foreign markets. And since most of them are eligible for ADPs, ADP-SMEs and life insurance, they allow you to position yourself in foreign indices while benefiting from the tax advantages linked to these endowments by circumventing the restrictions linked to the choice of securities.

The large and growing range of ETFs

ETFs are growing in number and there are no fewer than 500 listed on Euronext. An offering that is wide enough for every investor to find something for him, and which allows him to invest in both stock indices and strong sectors or even strategies through smart beta ETFs. The investor only has to select the investment themes that interest him.

ETFs as investment strategy tools

With ETFs, the individual investor can very easily set up investment strategies that will allow him to bet on dividends, volatility, leverage or even falling markets. For example, a leveraged ETF can provide a higher return than an index through the use of leverage. Bear ETF trackers allow you to bet on falling prices and offer the same benefits as more complex derivatives. Be careful, ETFs, like any investment, are subject to risk and in particular the risk of capital loss. An investor will therefore see his capital appreciate or depreciate depending on the fluctuations in the price of the ETF in which he has invested.

In addition, we take care of developing your portfolio over time, depending on the economic situation and the horizon of your financial projects. Invest efficiently and you have nothing else to do but inform us of changes in your objectives and your asset environment so that we can adapt your investments.

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